About Us


 Do you want your home or office to sparkle? Let our professionals do the hard work for you, so you can focus on the important things -- or just relax. We offer residential and commercial cleaning services in the Parkersburg, WV, area and all of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Mermaid Cleaners offers a team of bonded and insured cleaning pros. You're in good, clean hands with us! 


Who We Are

MerMaid Cleaners was established as a part of a for-profit subsidiary that will provide a wide variety of housekeeping and domestic services to individuals in our communities. In addition to serving a community need, the nominal profits generated from it will be used exclusively to support the programs offered by Community Resources, Inc. Your business would be greatly appreciated as well as sharing the word with friends and family. Again, 100% of the profits from this business are designated for use in programs that will assist individuals and families in your community achieve improved quality of life.


What We Do

 MerMaid Cleaners provides residential and commercial cleaning services throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley area. We are licensed, bonded and insured in WV and OH. In addition, we provide workers' compensation in case of injury while our employees are in your home or office. You can be comfortable that your home or office is safe while we are cleaning. We also conduct a nationwide criminal background check and drug test on every employee. The maids who clean your home or office are professional and we take great pride in hiring the best people in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  

Refer a Friend!

 Refer a friend to Mermaid Cleaners and you'll receive $5 off of your next service! Make sure they mention your name!